Policy Statement
EnLog Pacific Holdings Pty Ltd t/as RGM Pacific & RFL is committed to providing products and services without any compromising effects to Health, Safety and the Environment.
We will achieve this by the adherence to our documented, implemented and maintained OHSE Management System. We consider OHSE to be the responsibility of all personnel within the company and we will actively commit all support to our personnel.
EnLog Pacific Holdings Pty Ltd t/as RGM Pacific & RFL will always aim to ensure that:
  • The Health and Safety of our personnel, our customers, our contractors and the general public is protected, and
  • The Environment is protected.
EnLog’s activities strictly comply with all relevant legislations and regulations. Where deemed necessary by EnLog, additional measures and procedures are in place. As a consequence of an ever changing environment, continuous monitoring of the measures and procedures are necessary and, when required, measures and procedures are adjusted.
EnLog is committed to incorporating the OHSE objectives into our total Management System and support a consultative approach to OHSE where our management, staff, contractors and customers are encouraged to have input into the continual improvement of our systems. Measurable objectives and targets are established and reviewed to ensure continuous improvement, which is aimed at elimination of work-related injury and illness, and the prevention of pollution.
We will strive to prevent all OHSE related incidents and accidents by the identification & elimination and/or management of the safety risks associated with our activities.